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Highlighted articles from our team's blog

  • Building an App for Myself to Enhance Language Learning


    A couple of years ago, I read Fluent in Three Months and was inspired to tackle learning a new language. After studying and working with computer languages, I realized that learning new ones became easier and easier once I understood the underlying concepts.
  • Taking Flight Without a Smart Phone


    In February, I wrote about getting rid of my iPhone and replacing it with a Nokia 6300 4G. I am incredibly happy with the results of this experience. I gained a new sense of presence with the real world and killed some bad scrolling habits. Unfortunately, KaiOS on the Nokia left much to be desired and our current society makes it very difficult to live without a smart phone.
  • My Experience With the University of British Columbia (UBC) Co-op Program


    This post is a reflection on my experience through all stages of the co-op process from student to employer. I was recently awarded “Co-op Super Supervisor” in 2021 which prompted the writing of this post. If you are a prospective co-op student from UBC you will likely find a posting or two from my company, xyzdigital each work term.
  • Every Workday Should be a Hackathon


    I have only stumbled on a couple instances where someone clearly blocks out how a hypothetical work day should be structured for a software developer. It was many years before I stopped trying to get as much “work” done as possible and instead focused on finding a sustainable rhythm that was enjoyable and ultimately produced better results.
  • 3 Lines of Code Shouldn't Take All Day


    I have worked at 5 different software companies with a mixture of game development, mobile development, and web development. Across all of these, one topic stands out that does not get the attention it deserves: time to iterate.