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At XYZ Digital, we pride ourselves in our ability to build beautiful, scalable mobile and web applications. No matter where you are in your project’s journey, we can help guide your software process to where it needs to go.
We offer a variety of flexible partnership opportunities, from traditional contract work to a shared ownership model, and anything in between.
Need a mobile or web app/product developed?
From basic website services to end-to-end product development, including product design, hosting and maintenance. We handle the tech so you can focus on the vision.
Have a product on the go but need to bring it to the next step?
We can join seamlessly with an existing development team to give your project a boost in productivity. Our developers have experience working within a larger organization as both individual contributors and independent development teams.
Have a great idea for a product but don’t know where to start?
Our developers have experience helping visionaries bring their ideas to life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a software developer yourself, we can address what your idea needs to get off the ground and help develop and scale it.

Shared ownership models

Building a product requires time, vision, and skill, but it also requires money. Don’t let insufficient capital be the barrier to building your product. Our unique shared ownership model allows you to get started on your project with less financial risk. We help build, scale, and market it in exchange for a share in its success.
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